WARWICK – Limited edition 2021

Warwick LTD 2021

Warwick has this art to provide every year, one of their emblematic model with an unbelievable finish, for a limited run.

For 2021, please welcome the famous Teambuilt Streamer LX and for the Masterbuilt on the Streamer Stage I in a Solid Black Korina !

Limited to 25 Masterbuilt and 100 Teambuilt worldwide.

All configurations are possible : 4 or 5 strings, fretless or fretted, lefty or righty.

Fully ‘Made in Germany’, they come with passive Bartolini Soapbar, an active MEC electronic and Abalone inlays.

The Masterbuilt comes with a neck-through, the Teambuilt is bolt-on.

The neck is also flammed but far more than its Teambuilt sister. The body shape is also slimmer.
The tuners are, of course, equiped of wooden pegs (Pau Ferro).

And ! The bass is delivered with its usual user kit, but also a Warwick leather strap by Richter.

See you in May to try them.

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