We work with a network of professional music stores in the countries where we are established, as an exclusive distributor.
If you’re interested in ordering, get in touch with one of the stores on our list. We can also advice an authorized dealer, if you go to our Contact section.
By doing so you are assured to benefit from their product knowledge when you pick up your purchase.

Check our store locator (soon to come) or contact us.

We have almost every instrument or accessory available from the brands we distribute (except for very special limited editions).
Although you can’t see a product on our website, you can find out if it’s available, by contacting us here.

To get one send us a message with your build criteria.
We will answer within 2 business days.

For Vigier, you can go to our vRef tool.

Please contact the store you purchased it from. Your store will contact us and then we’ll inform them about the progress of your repair or exchange. Once this is completed, the product will be returned to the store.

Most user manuals are available in multiple languages on the brand’s website. If you are unable to find it, please go to the contact us section of the website.

Orange : For a production date, see the last 4 digits of your serial number. The first 2 are the month and last 2 are year of production. Example : 10500-0412 (04=April, 12=2012)

Vigier : Date your instrument here.


If you already have an account with us, you can already order on line. You can send us an e-mail through your sales contact or call us at +, we’ll let you know what e-mail adress is linked to your account.

If you wish to open an account with us, please click here.


Send us a press kit complete with your music, visuals, articles or any other material to support your request for an artist endorsement.

Start by filling in the form here that will help us know more about you or your band.
An email or phone call are not enough to consider your talent or for us to offer you a contract.

Send your requests to :
High Tech Distribution
Endorsement & the name of the brand
ZAC les Radars
10-12 rue de l’abbé Grégoire
91350 Grigny, France

We take careful look at the requests submitted, but we’ll only contact the most pertinent and complete.
We keep requests until we have another brand more suited for your style of playing or music.

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